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The Government of Eritrea (GoE) recently banned additional heavy fuel power stations across the country to take effect immediately. The GoE is embracing solar energy as the future energy resource for farms, homes, and business communities. Our initiative is timely launched to take advantage of the cost reduction of solar implementation in the industry and to leverage local manufacturing & service providers to see further declines in solar panel prices in the coming years. With a clear interest in solar energy along with favorable energy policies, all ​new forms of energy production must come from renewable sources. 


Just Some Game-Changing Benefits of Renewable Energy:

About Us

We Believe Every Rural Community Deserves Cheap Energy

We’re identifying potential partners who would make a natural fit to our 2030 agenda. Our vision involves the participation of corporate sponsors, financial partners, and renewable energy NGOs who can add value to our initiative of eradicating energy poverty and help us finance pay-as-you-go pilot projects to make solar energy as economical while producing electricity for as many communities in remote areas as possible. 

Power Eritrea is founded by Eritrean-American Diasporas with its vision originating from Power Africa Initiative. It intends to organize, encourage, finance, and educate the Eritrean Diasporas worldwide about the positive benefits of switching to renewable energy by becoming Solar Ambassadors. Their role is to increase awareness, sponsor, and advance solar farms projects in rural, off-grid communities.



Power Eritrea is a Diaspora-led initiative to promote and accelerate solar renewable energy in remote villages.  We're currently mapping out a plan to leverage new strategic partners along with financial assistance to help advance solar power in Eritrea and end energy poverty in the process. 

We're Turning Eritrea into a Renewable Power Green Nation 

  • Sustainable, especially since Eritrea has abundant sunlight year-round
  • Less maintenance required than fossil fuel generators and other resources
  • Can potentially create tens of thousands of clean energy jobs
  • Save the environment and protect health with zero emissions
  • Promote energy independence from the national grid for remote communities
  • Solar improvement and cost of production is getting cheaper
  • Long life use (Min. 25 years)