Ranked 3rd in Africa for Solar Power Capacity

The advancement of solar energy can transform Eritrea into becoming a certified green nation. In order to promote environmentally clean sources of green energy, we must address the negative effects of using traditional sources. Making a shift for the next generation is always a sound step forward.
With global warming on the rise, solar energy can save Eritrea from future, large-scale, negative impacts on the environment while offsetting carbon dioxide pollution by capturing the energy source of the sun. Doing so would save fuel, kerosene (for lighting), and trees, while decreasing water pollution, eliminating coal (for cooking), and other hazardous wastes completely.

Solar jobs have increased over the  years, and Eritrea can see a much bigger trajectory with investing early and adopting solar energy as a primary, alternative energy source. A new deal GoE signed with EU worth $200M will allocate the majority those funds toward the energy sector. We anticipate that Eritrea will create thousands of new jobs in the renewable energy sector, particularly in solar energy. We would like to further this by introducing our own platform for job creation.